M-UGS© products are based on the ad hoc meshed networking Technology UGSense©.

The M-UGS© products support military, civilian and homeland security use cases according to the customer requirements.

Along with a standardized RJ45 based UDP/XML sensor network interface, the M-UGS features a portal based sensor network application to display incoming messages.

M-UGS® is a cutting-edge monitoring system. It is based on a set of ground sensors linking themselves into an ad hoc wireless network, and capable of sending alerts to a central monitoring station responsible for collecting and displaying information gathered in a geo-referenced map. M-UGS® ground sensors are connected to each other by means of a meshed wireless network. Sensors can be combined as desired and include:

  • Seismic sensors (MEMS accelerometers or geophones) to identify ground vibration caused by pedestrians or vehicles;
  • Magnetic sensors (MEMS magnetometers) to monitor movement of metal objects such as vehicles;
  • Acoustic sensors to detect targets by specific acoustic signatures (noise of engine, tracks, etc);
  • X-Band Doppler radar sensors to detect movements of objects in a narrow field of view;


Border Surveillance

Border Surveillance addresses the intrusion, smuggling, trafficking at borders. Illegal activities are identified by corresponding sensors, analyzed and fused within the sensor network, communicated through the sensor network which is then instantly directed to the command and control system. Information received from the sensor network is GPS based and contains classification information about the type of intrusion. Information about the intrusion can be sent to multiple command and control centers.


Camp Protection

The M-UGS® as a camp protection system is typically deployed around the forward boundaries of a camp to monitor any approach and subsequent intrusion. Any approach and intrusion would be instantly identified and communicated back to the command center or, in case of a mobile camp infrastructure, communicated to a ruggedized notebook. Any intrusion is based on the GPS information available from the sensors.

The sensor network will form an easily deployable, invisible, yet unbreakable “virtual fence” around the site.

The sensors will allow surveying of areas where typical single source surveillance would not be applicable, where no-line-of-sight is existing or other environmental parameters are preventing to use common surveillance.

The sensor network is deployed as first line of “defense” at the outer perimeter of the fence. The intention is to provide a virtual border line once passed by an intruder raises an alert and provides enough time to arrange countermeasures and to alarm security personnel.

As the border line is basically invisible, the M-UGS technology provides an advantage to the security personnel due to a “momentum of surprise” to the intruder.

Battlefield Information

M-UGS® is applicable to surveillance matters on any type of area. Use cases like border surveillance and camp protection present a more line based approach of the M-UGS®.

The sensor network is also applicable to surveillance requirements that demand information on bigger or specific areas, where the universal clustering approach is a unique value proposition.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

M-UGS® systems are designed to address the following requirements

  • enable security of area/fence/boundary
  • identify illegal crossing
  • provide realtime information about security violation/intrusion
  • be easy to deploy
  • fail safe and ad hoc
  • „unbreakable“ (no single point of failure)

Implementing the requirements comes in handy when a first line of surveillance needs to be established. The identification of attempted intrusions or intrusions in preparation as well as getting an information once an intrusion took place, where the intruder move to provides valuable advantages.

Specific use cases are mentioned below, but are not exclusive. The applicability is defined by the specific security and surveillance requirements.


Implemented either inside or outside of the fence line to identify intrusions and direction of intruders once implemented inside the fence.

Mobile Phone Towers

Mobile Phone Towers prone to theft of metal, electrical components like antennas but also depending in location batteries, power supplies, or diesel. Surveillance based on motion based sensors is applicable and provides an fast to install solution.


Pipelines are prone to different levels of thread by Construction activities, damage, theft or destruction. M-UGS® is easy to deploy (no digging or ditching) and provides realtime information while being maintenance/service free.

M-UGS® uses

  • Data fusion (Radar, magnetic, seismic, sound) to minimize false alarm rate
  • Localization through GPS
  • Fast and easy deployment
  • Identification of machine based activities (drilling, digging, etc.) and
  • Features an open interface to integrate into customer's Command and Control Systems
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