Integrated Logistic Support


The Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) is an essential, indispensable service for guaranteeing the long-term use of our products. Products are operating under changing general conditions. Changes result from knowledge and experience acquired by handling the product (direct influences), but also from changes in the environment in which the product is operated (external influences, e.g. changes in legal provisions, changes in technology, changes in the market).

In order to react to these changes appropriately and in good time, ongoing support for the product is required. The aim of the support is to identify the relevant circumstances and events, to analyze and evaluate them and to counteract the identified problems with suitable measures.

Main Features


ILS ensures that the products (aircraft / aviation equipment and additional equipment) for the German Armed Forces:

a) Correspond to the required state-of-the-art technology
b) Are operating economically and in compliance with the legal provisions
c) Are ready for use and available when needed

Modern ILS strategies can significantly reduce the life-cycle costs of the military communication equipment during the complete operating life of the military weapon system.

In order to ensure operational readiness as well as supportability and maintainability, our ILS department cooperates closely with the system engineering departments, providing vital information of the system equipment.
In addition to early implementation of logistic support analysis, our ILS department supports the military customers with the following activities and features, according to the „care service catalog“ (BLK) of the German Armed Forces:

  • Technical user documentation (system, operation and maintenance manuals) and illustrated spare part catalogues (IPC)
  • Interactive electronic technical publications (IETD) according to ASD S1000D and spare parts management according to ASD S2000M
  • Spare part support and maintenance concepts
  • Obsolescence management, e.g. monitoring of discontinued parts and last-time buys, according to DIN EN 62402 and VDMA 24903
  • Configuration management for hardware, software and related documentation
  • System Engineering Services
    • Fault analysis reports
    • Development of statements for reports of complaints about experiences with products
    • Development and evaluation of proposed solutions and their implementation
  • Software Maintenance
  • Technical Support
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