The provision of reliable quantitative precipitation estimates and accurate radar derived and quality controlled precipitation estimates is a fundamental aspect for meteorological services and their hydrological decision support systems. Leonardo provides a comprehensive suite of various hydrological products for qualitative and quantitative precipitation estimation.

We offer turn-key solutions for centralized or decentralized countrywide meteorological radar networks using state-of-the-art precipitation adjustment methods incorporating existing automatic weather stations or rain gauge networks as well as disdrometers. Existing 3rd party radar data processing systems can be modernized using our solutions.

Our software product suite offers a wide range of meteorological and hydrological products starting from the removal of non-meteorological echoes, surface rainfall estimation from polarimetric radar data, precipitation accumulation, river sub catchment accumulation, to the identification of 3D storm areas. A comprehensive feature detection and warning system as well as countrywide mosaic (radar composite) processing systems have been installed successfully in many countries worldwide.

Hydrological Software Solution

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