Corrective Maintenance

Corrective Maintenance Module

The Corrective Maintenance module is your best choice, if you want to rely on professional radar engineers from the OEM for error tracking, diagnosis and repair of your system after expiry of the warranty.

We know our radars from inside out and we know best how to interpret log files and bite status. We understand the “soul” of our radars. Our skilled engineers and technicians dispose of the complete expertise to perform all required maintenance and repair works.

Your benefits
  • Corrective maintenance performed by the OEM experts
  • Fast error tracking and repair
  • Diagnosis done with Ravis® / Analyst® maintenance software
  • Analysis of log files and system states
  • Free software / firmware updates included
  • Direct access to R&D expertise
  • Use of especially configured high end, yearly calibrated measurement tools
  • Help Desk module included

The Corrective Maintenance participation is minimum one (1) year.

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