With more than 50 years of experience in the provision of meteorological systems, LEONARDO Germany GmbH is in the unique position to offer an extensive range of products for the measurement of environmental conditions. Our meteorological product portfolio comprises Weather Radar Systems, Radar Components and Software, Wind Shear Detection Systems, and Meteorological Software.

Weather Radar Systems

We are the world’s leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art weather radar technology offering our customers the best-in-class C-, S- and X-Band weather radar systems available today.

Radar Components and Software

With our radar components and software, we are consequently applying a clear, modular, flexible and versatile system architecture. All key technologies and manufacturing are kept in-house. We have full design rights and capabilities on all elementary components and software.

Wind Shear Detection Systems

Our wind shear detection systems are installed and operating in many airports worldwide.

Meteorological Software

We have designed our meteorological software packages to cover a wide range of tasks to suit different users. Our systems and meteorological software are relied on by Meteorological Services, Air Traffic Control Authorities, Land and Vessel Traffic Authorities, Hydrological Institutions, Agricultural and Forestry Institutions, and Research Agencies.

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