Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Module

The Preventive Maintenance module is your best choice, if you want to have your radars serviced at regular intervals by OEM experts.

We will take care of your radar as outlined in your system maintenance plan. In addition, our experienced system engineers will do once a year an in-depth system calibration and system status analysis. They will update soft- and firmware (if available) and will give recommendations for replacing parts if these are close to their life cycle end.

Your benefits
  • Preventive maintenance performed by the OEM expert
  • Yearly in-depth system calibration
  • Diagnosis done with Ravis® / Analyst® maintenance software
  • Free software / firmware updates included
  • Use of especially configured, high-end, yearly calibrated measurement tools
  • Remote monitoring available
  • 8D Updates
  • Help Desk module included

The Preventive Maintenance participation is minimum one (1) year.

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