Night Vision Devices


Leonardo offers state-of-the-art, lightweight monocular and binocular night vision devices. The devices are available with different types of European and US tubes, and fulfill strictest functional requirements. If ordered with European I² tubes, the night vision systems are ITAR-free.
Our night vision devices are manufactured in our facilities in Backnang, Germany.

Monocular systems

The PVS 14 is a versatile system that assists viewing during nighttime operations, especially in hand held configurations, where one eye uses the night vision device while the other eye keeps the night-adapted vision. The PVS 14 is available in a turn knob standard configuration or in a push button approach.

The PVS 14 UL uses MIL SPEC glass optics, a revised battery housing and digital push buttons. The combination of lightweight components results in a very low weight of 288 grams compared to other military standard PVS 14 of 355 grams (excl. battery).

The PVS 14 UL offers all the features included with a normal AN/PVS-14, but it achieves this with a lighter weight body. These features include a Full Diopter Adjustment Range (-6 to +2), Infrared LED, Gain Control, IR/Low Battery Indicator, ip up turn off and ip down turn on features and the versatility to be handheld, head/helmet mounted or weapon mounted.

The battery housing has push buttons providing the following features: power on/off, power on/off IR LED, and switches for raising and lowering the gain control. Buttons are easily operated with tactical gloves. The IR LED button allows for Morse code signals. Battery run time is 50 + hours on one alkaline AA battery.

Binocular Systems

The BNVD SG binocular is a dual tube goggle with gain control and operates with a single control knob for both eyepieces simultaneously. The user may adjust the gain to compensate for bright or dark conditions. Either side of the binocular can be rotated up to use the other side in a monocular way in order to use weapon sights, other viewing devices, etc. The binocular comes as well as the PVS 14 in a standard knob or a push button configuration.

The Mini B AA has a total system weight of less than 450 grams and is part of the new lightweight family of binocular night vision systems. The binocular offers an auto-cut-off feature that powers down the tube which has been rotated upwards out of the field of view of the user or if the whole binocular is folded upwards on the helmet. Export of the system outside of the European Union is subject to export approval.

All devices comply with MIL-STD 810G, MIL-PRF-A3256342A(CR) and MIL-PREF-49427(CR).

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