Mid-Project Status Report Published: Canadian Weather Radar Replacement Project Fully on Schedule

23 March 2020 15:41

LEONARDO Germany GmbH (Leonardo) is proud to inform on the results of the official Mid-Project Status Report for the Canadian Weather Radar Replacement Project published by Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC). The Mid-Project Status Report is established and updated on a yearly basis and summarizes the verification of the conformity between project execution and scheduled targets by the end of each year under review.

The Canadian Weather Radar Replacement Project comprises the design, manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning and training as well as maintenance and technical support during the warranty phase for twenty Klystron S-Band Weather Radars – plus thirteen additional radars in options - including infrastructure for existing and new radar sites running from Holyrood (NF) on the East Coast to Vancouver Island (BC) on the West Coast of Canada. Seven of the thirteen weather radars originally in options have meanwhile been placed as orders by ECCC.

According to the Mid-Project Status Report recently published, project execution is fully in line with the scheduled time and cost frames. Twelve weather radars including infrastructure and agreed accessories were delivered. All radars were installed and put into operation precisely according to plan. Additional requirements for safety and increase in performance that had been set by ECCC during the design phase, were successfully implemented by Leonardo. Trainings and documentation were delivered, and maintenance works performed as scheduled. The cost-management proceeded within the frame of the agreed budget.

Prior to the Mid-Project Status Review, Leonardo’s performance had been objectively assessed and evaluated according to ECCC’s vendor performance evaluation system. The evaluation was conducted by the CWRRP/ECCC team in conjunction with PSPC Contracting Authority. The evaluation included the criteria Quality of Workmanship, Time, Project Management and Health and Safety. In the overall rating, Leonardo Germany GmbH achieved a score of 83 of 100 possible points and with this result, one of the highest scores ever awarded in any Public Works and Government Services Canada contract up to now.

The pleasantly positive overall results stated at Mid-Project term underpin Leonardo’s strengths and excellence in contract execution even in most challenging weather radar projects. The Canadian Weather Radar Replacement Project is one of the largest and – especially in terms of technological complexity, infrastructure and environmental requirements - most demanding projects ever awarded to the weather radar industry.

Leonardo is fully aware that the positive results of the project execution 2019 are largely attributable to the highly professional, extremely efficient and trusting cooperation and communication with ECCC. We would like to take the opportunity to thank ECCC once more for selecting Leonardo amongst a pool of international providers and entrusting us with the execution of the Project. We will continue to put all our efforts into justifying the trust placed in us.

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