The METEOR 60DX is a highly sensitive X-Band weather radar system based on magnetron technology and featuring dual polarization as standard. Thanks to its compact design and unique radar-over-elevation configuration the METEOR 60DX is suitable for mobile applications and permanent installation. The innovative mobile version is mounted on a trailer, approved for road service worldwide.


  • Dual Polarization as standard: hydrometeor classification, enhanced measurement of precipitation intensity, real-time correction of rainfall attenuation
  • Radar-over-elevation: no need for expensive rotary joints, reduced two-way losses
  • X-Band offers maximum sensitivity at short to medium ranges at low cost
  • Highly reliable and proven magnetron technology
  • Features state-of-the-art signal processor GDRX® and Rainbow® application software
  • Maximum use of COTS components for hardware flexibility

Applications include

  • Weather surveillance and tracking
  • Severe weather indication
  • Hydrological forecasting (e.g. flood forecasting)
  • Scientific research campaigns
  • Wind shear detection at airports

Technical data

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