Rainbow® 5 is the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art sensor management system for multi-radar network management, data generation, analysis and display available on the market today.

Based on our longstanding experience in meteorological software design and development, the Rainbow® 5 system fulfils all technological needs for a versatile system right across the fields of radar management, weather monitoring, nowcasting, hydrology, aviation and research. Advanced technologies such as platform independency, client-server architecture, cutting-edge meteorological data processing and standardized interfaces for import, export, and interaction with open source frameworks (e.g. BALTRAD, Py-ART, LROSE) guarantee a complete and unique performance for total customer satisfaction.

We are committed to providing our customers with fully integrated meteorological data processing systems for a multitude of applications such as: Severe weather monitoring, airport wind shear and shear related phenomena detection, hydro-meteorological flash flood monitoring and quantitative precipitation forecast, tracking and probabilistic short-term-forecasting, hydrometeor classification (rain, hail, etc.) and detection of non-meteorological targets (sand, volcanic ash, etc.).

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