Sophisticated systems rely on sophisticated software. Ravis® is the most advanced software-based maintenance and control platform available for weather radars. It has been designed to simplify essential service tasks such as radar configuration and alignment, calibration, system diagnostics and testing. Its remote and multi-radar functionality allows service engineers to interact with all radar systems in a network from any location in real time. This method reduces the need for site visits, lowers mean time to repair and lowers maintenance costs.

Fast and flexible

Ravis® visualizes more than 2000 system status information to enable fast and easy diagnosis and troubleshooting. The status monitoring can be extended and adapted to individual network architectures or integrate additional components such as UPS and fire alarm systems. As an ideal solution for radar network maintenance, Ravis® detects the type of weather radar connected and automatically adapts its user interface. It is programmed in Java, can be hosted on any laptop or workstation and runs on all standard operating systems (e.g. Windows, Linux).

Main features

Ravis® is programmed platform independently in Java and is suitable for multi-user and multi-radar operation. Key features of the software include real-time data visualization, selectable resolution (up to 2K x 2K), color level, zoom and multilayer overlay. The input and output data of the signal processor are fully visualized in PPI, RHI, B-Scope and A-Scope. Ravis® has extensive BITE functionality as standard. In addition to monitoring and analysis of the current state, Ravis supports the analysis of the system history. Up to 12 status information can be visualized simultaneously in their temporal correlation. The depth of the underlying database is 31 days and can be extended up to one year.

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