METEOR 700C/735C

METEOR 700C/735C

The METEOR 700C is a high-powered C-Band weather radar designed for the precise quantitative evaluation of precipitation and wind fields in the mean latitude regions. It is particularly well suited for the everyday needs and applications of national meteorological services seeking the best price/performance ratio in terms of coverage, broadband measurement applications, reliability and lifecycle costs.

The METEOR 700C baseline configuration includes a 250KW transmitter. Alternatively, the METEOR 735C boosts the peak power to more than 400KW. It is driven by a solid-state modulator with graceful degradation providing fault-tolerant operation and higher system availability.


The METEOR 700C systems are supplied with GDRX® and Rainbow®, ensuring optimum data quality for the accurate measurement of rain rates, precise detection of severe weather phenomena as well as tracking and nowcasting of such events at medium ranges.

Both the METEOR 700C and METEOR 735C are available with single or dual polarization (DP). The dual polarization option enhances the measurement of precipitation intensity and makes way for the categorization of different types of hydrometeor such as drizzle, rain, hail and snow. Thanks to its high-powered transmitter, the METEOR 735C operates in simultaneous DP mode with almost no loss of sensitivity compared to conventional 250KW single-polarized systems.

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